Friday Hunkalicious Giveaway!

Posted at Aug 23, 2013 3:11 pm

DavidFilipiak3Inspiration is everywhere. And I need it! Particularly when I’m creating characters. While I may see the story of a new book unfold in my mind, I can always use a little help with the hero and heroine. Okay, so maybe I just like to look at good looking men and that’s just a really good excuse. In any case, the gentleman in this photo is #1 on my list of possibilities for the new hero I’m writing. So I’m asking you, my friends . . . Hot or Not?

Today I’m giving away THREE sets of ebook downloads of Second Chance at the Sugar Shack, Somebody Like You, Lori Wilde’s A Cowboy for Christmas, and a box of my Anything But Sweet conversation heart candy.

All you need to do is leave a comment on whether you think this guy is Hot or Not enough to star as the hero in my new book.

Winners will be selected by 8:00 pm (MST) Saturday, August 24, 2013.



44 responses to “Friday Hunkalicious Giveaway!”

  1. Raeline Peterson says:

    Of course hes yummy .:)

  2. Lisa Slock says:

    I’m thinking he’s hot! (By the way, are your books available in Belgium, cause i can only seem to find them on amazon)

  3. KYLA WHITLEY says:

    Hot! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. maggie P says:


  5. Sue Peace says:

    Pretty hot, just not sure about that hair, lol!!! 🙂

  6. sara gouveia says:

    I’m thinking sizzling ‘hot’ ‘hot’ ‘hot’. Hmmm… sure could dream about him here down under…

  7. Karen Harvey says:

    Definitely hot! But he needs some aging…I feel like a cougar lusting after these babes… 🙂

  8. Tammy Nudo says:

    Most definitely a double yummy yes!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Definitely hot!!

  10. Sharlene Wegner says:

    Hot!(although I prefer a little chest hair) I don’t need to win because I have the paperbacks!

  11. Lisa Filipe says:

    Not Bad….But NO ONE comes close to My Jesse….Or Reno…Wait or Matt…and Maybe James….hee hee

  12. Michelle says:

    Seriously HOT, look at those Abs, enough said!!

    • car insurce says:

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  13. Renee Pauls says:

    Wow! Very nice eye candy. He’s given me inspiration to have a fantabular weekend :).

  14. Amanda Gehman says:

    Cute but looks angry… Bad attitude!

  15. Terry Gregson says:

    Well, he’s not Jesse Wilder, but the temperature in here rose several degrees when I opened your blog and saw the yummy guy!!

  16. cindy r. says:

    Oh, yeah! He’s definitely hot enough! Thanks for the pic!

  17. heather cook says:

    Oh he is definitely hot enough!!!!

  18. Wendy says:

    I think he is! What a nice thing to look at at the beginning of the weekend 🙂

  19. Karen Roloff says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind! A Great looking bad boy.

  20. Amber Masden says:

    He is so hot he should be in a few books of yours! Thank you for giving me good something sweet to look at all day!

  21. Deanna Stevens says:

    Definitely hot enough!!!!!

  22. connie rowand says:

    Yes he is deff. Hot enough to feature. Very Very nice would love to read a book with him in it

  23. sandy says:

    Yeah, he’s hot. Too bad we can’t win that. Yum.

  24. Heather says:

    Definite HOT body, BUT don’t like the hair.

  25. Ginny says:

    Definitely hot and gorgeous!!

  26. Anita H. says:

    Hot! Can he be your cover model in a future book?

  27. Ada says:

    Definitely hot! 😉 What’s the name of your new hero you’re writing about?

  28. Kelly Watson says:

    He’s very hawt! Sizzling!

  29. Kim M says:

    I think he’s hot. Please I’m sure he gets even hotter with words coming out of his mouth.

  30. Ashley says:

    He’s a hottie.

  31. Ruth S. says:

    Love the Photo way hot! The books listed sound great. Thanks for the smile.

  32. Lori Mitchell says:

    Only okay..not really my favorite

  33. Ashley M says:

    He is definitely hot to be the hero in your next book! Can’t wait to read the book and picture him. 😉

  34. Valerie Lane says:

    I think he is definitely hot enough!

  35. catherine scott says:

    He thinks he’s really hot and although he is pretty I like a little bit more character in a man; more angular cheek bones and jaw line.

  36. Cassie says:

    Um yes. No other words but yes.

  37. Lisa H says:

    LOLOL That’s the question to enter??? hahaha Yes.

  38. Erica M says:

    Yes he is HOT !! He has that sexy smoldering look going on…

  39. Irene M. says:

    yes, he is hot. Am I too late for the giveaway?

  40. Candis Terry says:

    Congratulations to Sara Gouveia, Anita H., and Lisa H for winning my giveaway!

    Please email your mailing addresses to me at

    As soon as I receive your addresses I will get your packages in the mail. Thanks to all for entering. More to come next week!

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