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Apr, 14: Avon Impulse Happy 3rd Birthday Celebration & Giveaway (week 2)


22 years was a heck of a long time to work at getting a book published. I considered it a wonderful phase of learning my craft. Which is not to say I didn’t get discouraged or consider quitting once in awhile. Lucky (and smartly) for me I hung on. This month I have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate 3 years of my first Sugar Shack book being published with Avon Impulse.

Each Friday (April 18, 25, 2014) the prize of a complete 3 book set of signed Sugar Shack books and a $10.00 gift card for either Amazon or Barnes and Noble will be awarded to a random commenter for that week’s interview on my website blog (

With celebration in mind, I’m continuing week 2 of Interviews with Letty.

For those of you unfamiliar with Letty, she is the quintessential pastry queen of Deer Lick, Montana, and the mother of Kate, Dean, and Kelly Silverthorne. She’s also pretty much dead. As in RIP dead. But that hasn’t stopped her from popping in and meddling in her children’s lives. Because, hey, when you’re good at something, why let a little thing like being dead get in the way, right?

Before we get to the interview with Dean Silverthorne and Emma Hart from Any Given Christmas, Letty has a couple of reader questions she’s dying to answer.

Candis: I have to admit I miss you, Letty.

Letty: Miss me? Where’d I go?

CT: Ha! It’s easy to see you’re still up to your old mischief.

LS: Well, what you might call mischief, I call intensive preparation and organization for the future.

CT: So . . . in other words, scheming to get what you want.

LS: Scheming sounds so harsh. (gives a wicked smile) Although all this formulating has definitely gotten me into trouble more than once with the big Kahuna. If you know what I mean.

CT: Which reminds me, please stop moving things around in my house or I’ll have to call the poltergeist police on you. Finding my underwear in the freezer was not funny.

LS: Eh. (shrugs a transparent shoulder) It all depends on your definition of funny.

CT: Let’s get down to readers questions, shall we? The first one comes from Karen who wants to know: What was your favorite way to surprise your kids with your arrival into their lives from the afterlife?

LS: Well, forcing them to listen to that hip-swinging crooner, Tom Jones, was fun. But sadly I was never able to surprise them the way I really wanted to. (winks) Heaven’s got rules that take the fun out of things. I guess my favorite way was to pick just the right moment to pop in. Like with my first visit to Dean. Even I didn’t see that one coming. I had to act fast because the love of his life was coming straight at him and he might have missed her.

CT: You almost caused a car accident.

LS: I’ve done worse in my day. Besides, it worked, didn’t it?

CT: (sigh) Okay, second question: Elizabeth wants to know if you visit your husband in the afterlife too, or is it just to “meddle” in your children’s lives?

LS: I visit my Bobby. In his dreams. Can’t give you details, but I do leave him with a smile.

CT: Yeesh. TMI. With that I’m warily handing over the interview reins. Letty, please be kind to Dean and Emma.

LS: Of course I’ll be kind. I want grandchildren. Maybe I’d better get going so they can get to work.

Emma: Dean, stop that! (giggles) Your mother’s watching.

Dean: Great timing, Mom.

LS: As always. So let’s get down to the basics. Emma, my darling, at first you didn’t care for my beautiful boy. What was up with that?

EH: There wasn’t enough room for me, him, and his ego.

LS: (snort) Good one.

DS: Mom!

LS: Okay, moving on before I get in trouble.

DS: Too late.

LS: Dean, in the beginning you were floored harder than being drilled into the fifty yard line when Emma didn’t seem interested in you. How did you handle her quick comebacks and flat-out rejections?

DS: Is it crazy for me to wonder whose side you’re on here?

LS: A mother never chooses sides.

DS: That’s not what Kate says.

LS: Answer the question please.

DS: It’s the practice of persuasion. Can’t give you the details but you might want to check with Emma about how we spent our first New Year’s Eve together.

EH: I can’t seem to remember. (grins) Maybe you should remind me.

DS: I remember it being pretty explosive. (pulls her in for a kiss) How’s that for starters?

LS: How did I lose control of this interview?

DS: You mean you think you had control in the first place?

LS: Maybe I’ll have better luck next week with Kelly and James.

DS: Right. Maybe you’ve forgotten Kelly’s a hard-ass prosecutor.

LS: Was a hard-ass prosecutor. Now she’s a clown.

DS: I’m going to tell her you said that. Maybe then I can get back to being your favorite.

Candis here again. Is it just me or are these interviews going downhill on roller skates?

Okay, readers, to enter my Week 2 Avon Impulse Birthday Party Giveaway, all you have to do is leave a quick comment about the hero in the last romance novel you just read and what made you love or dislike him. You don’t have to tell me the name of the book if you don’t want. Or you can leave a question for Letty (good luck with actually getting a straight answer). J

Winners for each week will be chosen on designated Fridays at 7:00 pm EST.

Giveaway is open to U.S., Canadian, and International residents. If you live on Mars, sorry, I can’t afford postage.

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Apr, 07: Avon Impulse Happy 3rd Birthday Celebration!


My entire writing career is thanks (and with much gratitude) to the birth of Avon Impulse and my amazing editor, Amanda Bergeron, who hung onto my first manuscript until Avon Impulse was born. So starting today and for the next three weeks I wanted to have a little fun and celebrate with some giveaways.

Each Monday (April 7, 14, 21, 2014) I will feature an interview with the hero and heroine of my Sugar Shack books. The interviews will be conducted by the one and only (some say, thank God) Letty Silverthorne. For those of you who’ve not yet met Letty, she is the quintessential pastry queen of Deer Lick, Montana, and the mother of Kate, Dean, and Kelly Silverthorne.

And, she’s kind of . . . dead. But that hasn’t stopped her from popping in and meddling in her children’s lives just one more time. Okay, maybe a couple more times. Well, how about there’s no end in sight to her mischief. For those of you familiar with Letty and her adventures, I hope you’ll be happy to see her (sort of) again.

Each Friday (April 11, 18, 25, 2014) the prize of a complete 3 book set of signed Sugar Shack books and a $10.00 gift card for either Amazon or Barnes and Noble will be awarded to a random commenter for that week’s interview on my website blog (

So without further ado, let’s get things started off with Letty’s interview with Kate Silverthorne and Matt Ryan from Second Chance at the Sugar Shack.

Letty: Let’s get this party started!

Kate: Mom. Seriously? It’s been a long time since you . . . you know.

Letty: Died?

KS: Yeah. And yet you’re still wearing your overalls and plaid shirt?

LS: Eh. They offered me a robe. I figured with a daughter who was previously a celebrity stylist the white sheet ensemble would end up on Fashion Police. Plus there was that whole flying around and people looking up your skirt thing.

Matt: (chuckles)

LS: Enough about me. Let’s talk about you two. So . . . what did you think when you first saw each other after ten long years?

KS: (smiles) I thought he looked hot.

MR: First thing? (cocks head) Probably murder.

KS: What?

MR: Look, Hollywood, your tennis shoes left skid marks on the blacktop when you bailed on me.

KS: I didn’t bail on you!

MR: (shrugs) Whatever.

LS: Okay, okay. Let’s get down to business.

MR: I’m willing to get down.

KS: (giggles)

LS: Heaven help me.  (looks skyward) So you two were a couple all through high school and even after graduation before someone who shall remain nameless jumped ship. Matt, what was the one thing you missed the most about Kate during those ten years apart?

MR: (smiles)

KS: Really Ryan? Is it always about sex with you?

MR: No. It’s always about sex with you.

LS: I’d cover my ears but I don’t think it would help. Back to the question please.

MR: Honestly? I missed having my best friend to talk to.

KS: Awww.

MR: And the sex.

LS: Okay, moving on before you go crazy on me. This one is for Kate. When you bailed on Matt, he often came into the Sugar Shack for a soft shoulder and a piece of pie. What’s his favorite pie?

KS: Is this entire interview going to be about giving me a hard time?

MR: I’d be happy to give you a hard time.

KS: If I didn’t know how well you do that, I’d be appalled.

MR: Sugar, you’d be smiling.

LS: Pie, people! We’re talking about pie! Now can we please get back to the question?

KS: His favorite? Hmmm. Besides the obvious? (smirks) How about strawberry?

MR: (makes a buzzer sound) Guess again.

KS: How about you enlighten me?

MR: Peach. Because it reminds me of—

LS: Oh, dear Lord. This is payback for all the times I meddled in your life, isn’t it?

KS: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

MR: There’s always an uncertainty about things like that. And you did meddle. A lot.

LS: Can we get at least one valid question answered? Please?

MR: I’ve got one for you, Letty. Were you behind all those outlandish, intrusive, and preposterous dating incidents that occurred while I was looking for a wife—or at least someone who wasn’t Kate?

LS: Sorry folks, looks like that’s about all the time we have for today. Check back next week when I get to interview my beautiful baby boy, the very talented NFL quarterback, Dean Silverthorne, and lovely kindergarten teacher, Emma Hart.

KS: You really shouldn’t play favorites, Mom. It could scar the rest of your children for life.

LS: Eh, probably too late for that. (waves) See you next week everyone!

Candis here again. Wow. That was . . . interesting. Okay, readers, to enter my Week 1 Avon Impulse Birthday Party Giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment about why you love contemporary romance or leave a question for Letty. Maybe you can even leave one for her to ask Dean or Emma. J

Winners for each week will be chose on designated Fridays at 7:00 pm EST.

Giveaway is open to U.S., Canadian, and International residents. If you live on the moon, sorry, I can’t afford postage.

So that’s it, my favorite peeps. Go forth and please, please, please, either leave a comment about why you love contemporary romance or leave a question for Letty. Next week she’ll be chatting with Dean and Emma from Any Given Christmas. 😀

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Mar, 31: An Alpha Males Take on FROZEN and a Fun Announcement!


I am not ashamed to admit that when I took my daughter and granddaughter to see FROZEN in the theater I was completely sucked in by the songs, the story, and the animation. Yeah, I know there’s always a hidden message in kid’s movies these days. No more of the road runner outsmarting the coyote just for laughs. However, when we took the DVD camping with us this weekend and my husband (the alpha male) watched it, I was amazed at all the messages he found in it that I didn’t really miss, but didn’t zero in on like he had.

Yeah, I got the whole power of love, family, sisters-before-misters messages. But here’s what the alpha male found and I have to say I was very impressed.

1. First impressions aren’t always true

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover

3. Be yourself

4. Take action, perseverance pays off

5. Everyone has their own agenda

6. Family will always be there in times of trouble

7. Don’t close off opportunities

8. Don’t let fear shut you down

9. Take risks to find success and happiness

And my absolute favorite messages the alpha male learned from Olaf:

10. No matter how much you fall apart (literally) you can and should always pick yourself up and move forward.

11. Be optimistic

Pretty impressive, right?

I think, he was also highly entertained by the movie (and our daughter and granddaughter singing and acting out the songs). And though he loathed to admit it, he totally dug Olaf and the trolls. I think I might have to keep this guy around. J

And now for my fun announcement (drum roll please!) . . .

April 7-28, 2014 Avon Books will be celebrating the 3rd Birthday of Avon Impulse. Since I am one of the (as my editor likes to call me) pioneers of the Avon Impulse line, I wanted to have a little celebration of my own.

Each week during the Birthday Celebration I will be posting interviews with my heroes and heroines from the Sugar Shack series. Yep. Matt and Kate from Second Chance at the Sugar Shack, Dean and Abby from Any Given Christmas, and James and Kelly from Somebody Like You, will make a reappearance. And guess who’s going to be doing the interviews. Me? Nope. The one and only Letty Silverthorne will be jumping in to interrogate—I mean quiz—the couples she had a transparent hand in putting together! I promise I won’t even try to rein in my favorite backseat-driving ghost. So it should be fun.

The prizes for each interview blog will be a complete set of signed Sugar Shack books and a $10 gift card for Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice).

Also, during the Avon Impulse Celebration, Somebody Like You (James and Kelly’s story) ebook will be on sale for only 99 cents! So tell a friend.

On the days of the interviews I will post an announcement to Facebook and Twitter so no one will miss out.

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Feb, 14: Happy Valentine’s Day E-Book Giveaway!


Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate I’m giving away FIVE e-book downloads of Confessions of a Secret Admirer–A Valentine’s Day Anthology to 5 randomly selected commenters.

These downloads won’t work on Kindle so you must be a mobile user and have an iPhone/iPad/Android or a Nook.

Giveaway ends February 15, 2014 at noon (MST).

Here’s your question . . . if you were/are single (I promise I won’t tell your spouse!) on this Valentine’s Day, who would you choose to lay a big old smooch on?

I’ll go first (don’t tell the Hubster!) . . . I would lay a smooch on Antony Starr who plays Lucas Hood in Banshee. The man is just too hot and steamy for words. Ha! Bet you thought I’d say Broncos #87! Fooled ya.

All right, spill . . .

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Feb, 04: Confessions of a Secret Admirer Giveaway!

Confessions giveaway

I’m very excited about the release of Confessions of a Secret Admirer–a Valentine’s Day Anthology with amazing authors Jennifer Ryan and Jennifer Seasons! To celebrate I wanted to have a fun giveaway.

Giveaway includes Confessions of a Secret Admirer–a Valentine’s Day Anthology Ebook, Swarovski crystal heart necklace, Notepads, Ghiradelli chocolates, pink stuffed monkey, and a Sweet, Texas coffee mug filled with pink pearl coated chocolates.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and tell me if you’ve ever had or have ever been a secret admirer, or who your secret crush is. And if you don’t have a story, feel free to make one up. I’ll reward the most creative with a signed copy of Sweetest Mistake (Jackson Wilder’s story).

Giveaway ends February 11, 2014 at 5:00 pm (MST). Winner(s) will be randomly selected. As always, this giveaway is open to my international friends.

Now . . . go forth and confess!

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Anyone who knows me knows I love football. And I’ll admit after the Super Bowl I go into a bit of a depression knowing I have to wait forever to see my teams out on the field again. I also have to admit that I don’t just watch football for the love of the sport. There are some gorgeous men out on those fields. Take my latest crush Eric Decker #87 on the Denver Broncos. Or my forever crush on Troy Aikman. But when it comes down to the final playoffs for the Super Bowl, it’s all about football. So what’s a girl to do when her two favorite quarterbacks are playing against each other? I guess I’ll just have to be fickle and cheer for them both!

Who are you rooting for this Sunday?

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Nov, 14: Early Wacky Black Friday Giveaway


Call me crazy but the only thing I’ve ever loved about Black Friday is the crazy Black Friday Target Lady who has now been retired from Target ads. I say bring her back!

I’ve participated in this insane, I’ll-beat-you-over-the-head-with-my-$10-popcorn-maker-if-you-get-in-the-way-of-my-$5-omelet-skillet shopping blowout day exactly once. I have to admit, I just don’t need that $10 popcorn maker badly enough to risk bodily harm. Nor do I wish to be out amongst shoppers who can be just rude (and scary) and customer service people who can be exhausted and cranky. I’m really not much of a shopper to begin with. I usually go to a store with something specific in mind and I’m outta there in a few minutes.

My weaknesses are TJ Maxx, Gordman’s, and Sam Moon’s. In those stores I can wander aimlessly for hours and I never leave the store without a substantial ding to my pocketbook. Heaven forbid there are holiday decorations involved!

For this giveaway there will be THREE winners! Each will receive a Sweet, Texas coffee mug, a box of Anything But Sweet candy conversation hearts, and a signed book of your choice (choose from Second Chance at the Sugar Shack, Any Given Christmas, Somebody Like You, For Love and Honor, or Anything But Sweet.

All you need to do is leave a comment here on my blog. Tell me whether you engage in Black Friday Shopping and what you’d be willing to stand in line (in the cold) all night to buy.

Winners will be randomly selected. Giveaway ends and winner will be announced Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 6:00 (MST) pm. As always, this giveaway is open to my international friends.

SWEETEST MISTAKE–Book 2 in the Sweet, Texas series will be available on December 31, 2013. I have some fun things planned so stay tuned. SWEETEST MISTAKE IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. Just go to my home page and click on your favorite place to purchase books (available in both e-book and print).

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Oct, 21: What’s for Dinner? Contest!


Revisions on SOMETHING SWEETER (Jesse Wilder’s book) are done! Now deep into a new project (which I will announce soon) and I need your help for a scene I’m working on.

If this guy showed up at your door, what kind of dinner would you cook to impress him? Not talking surf and turf, something more on the comfort food level.

Let’s make this a contest! Winner will receive a Sweet, Texas coffee mug and Anything But Sweet candy conversation hearts. Deadline is Friday, October 25 6:00 pm (MST). As always, this contest is open to my international readers.


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Feb, 27: Anything But Sweet Giveaway Coming Soon!

I’m preparing some really fun things for the release of my new book ANYTHING BUT SWEET (book 1 in the Sweet, Texas series) on June 25, 2013. If you were around for the Sugar Shack basket giveaway, this one will be even bigger and better!

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Feb, 27: Getting ready to turn in Sweetest Mistake

Also getting ready to turn in SWEETEST MISTAKE (book 2 in the Sweet, Texas series) to my editor. This book has a release date at the end of December 2013. Stay tuned!

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