Posted at Jan 17, 2014 4:43 pm


Anyone who knows me knows I love football. And I’ll admit after the Super Bowl I go into a bit of a depression knowing I have to wait forever to see my teams out on the field again. I also have to admit that I don’t just watch football for the love of the sport. There are some gorgeous men out on those fields. Take my latest crush Eric Decker #87 on the Denver Broncos. Or my forever crush on Troy Aikman. But when it comes down to the final playoffs for the Super Bowl, it’s all about football. So what’s a girl to do when her two favorite quarterbacks are playing against each other? I guess I’ll just have to be fickle and cheer for them both!

Who are you rooting for this Sunday?


5 responses to “WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO?”

  1. Linda Chilson says:

    Seahawks and Broncos. I really want them to win so then I get to watch my oldest son figure out who to root for. This may sound mean but he is one that gets really loud and involved when watching his teams play so it’s going to be tough for him since he really likes both teams. Me I like both teams too so I will have some problem but will likely go for the Seahawks since I have always liked them. The rivalry game in our house is this weekend Seahawks/49ers game with oldest and youngest liking the opposing teams and will be again for the Super Bowl if the Broncos and 49ers play each other.

  2. Joye says:

    I am a Cardinals fan. Oh well, go Seahawks!

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