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Thanks to every one who responded and left a comment. If you’ve won an ebook please email me at and tell me your ebook retailer (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc) and the address attached to your ebook retailer account so I can get your book ordered!

The winners are . . .


  1. Helen Stockwell
  2. Virginia H
  3. Lori Raines
  4. Kristal Kingsley
  5. Tracy13
  6. Bertie Welck
  7. Nikki H
  8. Rhonda Ziglar
  9. Jo-Anne Boyko
  10. June Rodgers


  1. Bev Sten (Bev I have already sent you gift card to the email address attached to your comment)




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Sweet, Texas–The Final Chapter

Posted at Jul 14, 2015 3:20 pm

Damsel quoteTrulySweet mm hi res

ON SALE JULY 28, 2015

I’m excited for Sweet, Texas fans to finally get to read Jake Wilder’s story. I’m also very sad that this is the last book in the series. The Wilder family and the residents of Sweet have become very dear to me. I hope you all enjoy.





THE BIG and small OF IT

Posted at Jul 8, 2015 5:50 pm

IMG_4308 (444x640)

For those of you who know me or follow me on Facebook, you know I’ve been suffering migraines, neck, and back pain. The migraines didn’t pop up until last December but they increased to several a week, each lasting 2-3 days. The neck and back pain was constant. I had back surgery a few years ago but with my imbalance the pain continued. I’d spent months in physical therapy but no matter how hard I worked at strengthening or stretching my muscles I got no relief.

When I was in high school my nickname was Surfboard because I was literally flat. When my breasts finally decided to grow they didn’t stop. Even if I weighed 120 lbs I still wore a triple D bra. At the suggestion of my doctor I finally went to a specialist. She explained what happens when you have large breasts and get older. It’s not just the size; it’s the position (because we all know gravity sucks). She told me about some of the cases she’d treated and even drew diagrams that made a lot of sense to my husband and I. Also, since my mother had breast cancer and my breasts were very dense, the surgery would improve the ability to see things better on my mammograms. So after careful consideration I decided to have breast reduction surgery.

Yeah, I know, when everyone else is getting bigger boobs put in I wanted to get rid of them. Believe me the decision had nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with the prospect of living my everyday life as pain-free as possible.

The surgery scared me because it involved being under anesthesia for about 6 hours. What if I didn’t wake up? Who would be around to drive my family crazy in a way only I can do? The surgery actually went great (The following day I weighed 6 lbs less. So apparently I was carrying a newborn around on my chest!) and I only needed to take pain relief for a couple of days. The week after was tough because I had drains in both sides. My husband deserves an award here because he took care of me like a prince. He even emptied my drains and took care of my incisions. Love that man!

For the first week you have to live by the penguin rule—no moving or lifting your arms at all. Or as my doctor calls it the hotel rule, if you can’t do it in a hotel room, you can’t do it. Tough for me because I’m a very active person. Week two I got the drains removed and the stitches out. Yay! The incisions are extensive and the bruising was horrible, but my doctor (who is amazing) assured me things would heal well. I’m now at week 4 (and wearing a C stretchy bra instead of an underwire), the bruising is mostly gone, the incisions are healing very well and I doubt they’ll be noticeable after a while. I’m still very tender and I still get very tired so naps are going to be in my future for a while. I don’t have any kind of implants, it’s all me.

The best news? I haven’t had a migraine since the surgery and the neck and back pain are gone! I feel so much better! So for any of you who might be considering this procedure, I highly recommend you find a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reduction and talk to them to see if you’re a good candidate. Because I fell within the insurance guidelines, they completely paid for the surgery.

The photo above shows the bra I wore into the surgery and the one I wore out. Big difference! Who knows, I might even take up jogging. Because God knows I was never able to do that before. 🙂





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I’m very excited about this book because it gave me a chance to go back and revisit the very first book of my Sweet, Texas series and add (almost 100 pages) to Aiden, Paige, and the lovable Rennie’s story.

I’m even more excited because ALL PROCEEDS OF THIS NOVELLA WILL GO TO ANIMAL RESCUE! When I started looking into rescue organizations in my area I was floored by the amount of animals in need. I hope you’ll help me help them, not only by purchasing Home Sweet Home (ebook is only $1.99) but that you’ll spread the word to other animal lovers about this charity fundraiser. The print book ($3.99) will be available May 26. I will make sure to post pictures of me giving the rescue organizations a (hopefully) nice big check.

Thank you for you support!






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Welcome 2015!

Posted at Jan 2, 2015 7:25 pm


Happy New Year everyone!

Like you I have many wishes, hopes, and dreams for the coming year. There are too many to name. Some are too personal. Many are X-rated. 😉

However, I wanted to share one with you, and that is, I wish you all an amazing year filled with happiness, good health, prosperity, and love. And when those unplanned, undesirable things happen that bring you to your knees I wish for you the strength to carry on.

I appreciate each and every one of you. I am so thankful to have you out there. And I promise this year to continue to write the kinds of stories that warm and fulfill your heart.

Now, let’s all go forth and kick some 2015 booty!



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Posted at Dec 20, 2014 7:28 pm

disney happy holidays

With only five days left until Christmas, all the shopping done, all the packages wrapped and under the tree, and the gingerbread village made, I’m finally able to take a deep breath and enjoy the one thing that really gets me in the mood for the holiday.

Animated Christmas movies.

I cannot resist the lure of The Grinch, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Rudolph, Frosty, and even Jack the Pumpkin King. These movies are what make me feel like a kid again. They take away all my stress and allow me to smile, laugh, and reminisce about simpler times when I wasn’t in charge of making Christmas happen. I can just sit back, slurp my hot chocolate, and nibble on a candy cane. And not even think about the extra calories.

But every year when I allow myself this pleasure, my secret wish always pops up and I sigh and say . . . “If only.”

Secret wishes are those incredible things you know will never happen in your life, but oh how you wish they would. They’re magical like pixie dust and wishing upon a star. They’re the one constant in your life that is always there in the back of your mind and makes you smile. Because while you still have breath in your body, there’s always a chance.

My secret wish is to be the voice in an animated movie.


Not the lead like Elsa in Frozen, but those crazy secondary characters who really can make the story come to life, add the extra silliness, and help make the story memorable. Can you imagine the fun of being Jessie in Toy Story?


Or Dorrie in Finding Nemo?


Or Edna Mode from The Incredibles.

Ms Squibbles Monsters Inc

Or Ms. Squibbles in Monsters University? Sigh.

Now that my secret wish is out, what’s yours? I promise I won’t tell.

Happy holidays! I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Raising my hot chocolate in a toast to you and an incredible, happy, healthy, silly, successful 2015 for everyone!




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