You Made What???

Posted at Aug 27, 2013 5:46 pm

Surprise-kid-300x200 Yesterday was a tough one for me. As my mom edges closer to departing this earth, I’m reaching into my memories for some of the fun and crazy things we’ve done just so I can smile.

I came up with a doozy this morning and thought I’d share. This might give you a hint of where I get my goofy outlook.

Throughout my life my mom had a best friend. I called her Aunt Dot. My mom and Aunt Dot were very much the Lucy and Ethel of their day in the free-spirited 1960s. It seemed like they would wake up in the morning and ask “What kind of trouble can we get into today?” They found plenty.  I remember my “cousin” and I rolling our eyes. A lot.

One time around Christmas when I was a teenager, Aunt Dot invited me and my mom over to make gingerbread cookies. Innocent enough, right? Nope. Not with Aunt Dot. Things started out fine making the dough. While the cookies baked, my mom and Aunt Dot slurped down coffee and did what they did best. Gossip. Once the cookies cooled we all sat down at the table and Aunt Dot got out the icing and all the decorations—the sprinkles, the dragees (little silver balls), and the cinnamon red hots.

I remember working hard to get the icing on just right so that my gingerbread man had shoes, nice buttons, and a happy smile. My mom and Aunt Dot went an entirely different route. Next thing I knew we were decorating anatomically correct gingerbread men.

Warped?  Inappropriate? Maybe. But all these years later it gives me one hell of a laugh and a good memory.

Someone better warn heaven that my mom is on her way. I expect her and Aunt Dot will get right back to their mischief making.


4 responses to “You Made What???”

  1. Terry Gregson says:

    LOL…what a great memory!! I love hearing stories like this…it sure made my day, thanks my friend!! Hugs!!!

  2. Maureen A Sacchetti says:

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely memory. It says that your Mom and your Aunt Dot loved life and enjoyed good laughs together…Cherish the memories…They are such a treasure…
    xx, snowhugs

  3. Codi Gary says:

    Candis what a fantastic memory! I totally snort laughed, and thank you so much for sharing. ((Hugs))

  4. Felix says:

    #18 parents in need of a visit from Child Protective Services talk about poor prientang skills. These women should have their tubes tied and thier kids taken away.

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