5 Things I Learned About Shopping from My 7 Year Old Granddaughter!

Posted at Aug 19, 2013 6:25 pm


1. If it’s pink it goes in the shopping cart.

2. Know who you are before you enter the store—aka— I am a girly girl and proud of it.

3. When the dressing room attendant tells you that you can only take 8 items into the dressing room, you laugh and say “I’m a girl. 8 items just won’t cut it.”

4. Pay no attention to how much money your MiMi really wants to spend.

5. Carefully observe the “goodies” near the checkout. There may be a bottle of nail polish you must have or you will die.

Any shopping tips you’ve learned lately other than stay out of the stores?


One response to “5 Things I Learned About Shopping from My 7 Year Old Granddaughter!”

  1. Jamie Steadman says:

    Shopping with grandsons is very different. It has to be bigger, louder, and better than what he already has. I like the loud part of the toy because its going home with him. LOL!Hehehehehehe!

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